The Finding of Freddie Perkins

the finding of freddie perkins

Liz Baddaley’s first children’s novel, The Finding of Freddie Perkins, was published by A&C Black (Bloomsbury) on 23 May 2013.

What’s the story?

Freddie Perkins has lost a lot. His mum for a start. His friends and his home, now he’s been dragged up to Scotland to live with his granny. And even his dad – because even though his Dad is still there, he and Freddie can’t seem to talk any more. But something is watching Freddie. Something very rare and very special. Something that finds things that are lost. Freddie has lost a lot, but he’s about to discover how much there is out there to find…

Paperback: 160 pages
Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9781408186084

Buy the book on Bloomsbury’s website or preview the first chapter here.


Shortlisted for the 2014 James Reckitt Hull Book Award (winner to be announced June 2014)
Shortlisted for the 2014 Portsmouth Children’s Book Award (winner to be announced July 2014)


“Unusual and thought-provoking.” –

“Magical and heart-warming” – The Irish Examiner  

“In her debut novel, Liz Baddaley addresses [loss] with beautiful sensitivity and remarkable empathy, taking her young hero on a journey from bereavement and displacement to the rediscovery of himself, the people closest to him, and where he now fits into a changed universe. Baddaley gradually and credibly introduces a strand of magic realism to the narrative that results in the whole family finding a way to move past hurt and anger to a hopeful future.” – Teach Primary

“Baddaley tackles one of life’s most devastating tragedies but does so without over sentimentality or moroseness. The author has accomplished a work which can be absorbed and studied on several levels: a tale of mystery, a fable, and, ultimately, a story which reminds us of the importance of love and compassion. Perhaps, most of all, this is a love story between a grandchild and his grandmother. Through this loving relationship, the reader is shown how love and hope can help heal even the deepest of wounds.” Inis – The Children’s Books Ireland Magazine

“As well as dealing with death and bereavement which could be gloomy and Gothic, there Is an amusing, mystery element which draws the reader in and makes this book… Eminently suitable for reading aloud.” The School Librarian

“A heart-warming story of love, loss and redemption that will appeal to children of 8+. The author – a new voice in the world of children’s fiction – writes with a simplicity and depth of emotion that places her firmly in the tradition of Frances Hodgson Burnett and E. Nesbit. Charming and insightful.” – Salts Mill bookshop, Saltaire

“An exciting and page-turning read which will keep the reader guessing until the last page.” – Gabby, Bookseller for the Children’s Department of Blackwells, Oxford

“I found it extremely moving and utterly charming. I will be adding to the library stock, then passing it to our English department (on loan!)” – Alison Harrison, Librarian, Ilkley Grammar School

“From the outset, the child’s viewpoint is vividly portrayed. This is a book about secrets, and about what lies hidden beneath the surface, and a straightforward, child’s approach is an excellent way of exploring this. It’s not obvious how old Freddie is, but the seven-to-ten-year-old age group is the most suitable for this intriguing tale. The ending, while satisfying, gives plenty of scope for further books, and I hope they will ensue, because Liz Baddaley has produced a warm, entertaining story and her future books will surely develop into something of which Ilkley can be proud.” – Mike Sansbury, Assistant Manager at The Grove Bookshop, for The Ilkley Gazette

‘Dear Liz this is a message from Matthew about your book. My review was it was amazing I started it today and I was stuck into it so much I finished it today. It was also award winning, I thought, Matthew 😉 :D’ Matthew Hodson (11) – known to the author!

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2 thoughts on “The Finding of Freddie Perkins

  1. My son had brought this book and 4 others to read for his school book reviews and for todays Author Award, we loved Freddie P and we believe it should be the Winner. we wish the story of Find to continue… Thank you to Liz for the great story…
    Anton (10) and his mum (44)

    • Thank you so much Anton and Anton’s mum. I’m so glad you loved the book 🙂 – it was my favourite too 😉 – It was lovely to get your comment as I saw it when I was coming back on the train last night, having not won… to be honest the whole experience felt like winning – it’s such a BRILLIANTLY run thing and it was a real honour to be there – so I don’t mind not officially winning. But it was lovely timing reading your comment when I did in any case.

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