Freddie excited to visit St Albans’ first Literary Festival

I’m getting excited. It’s less than a month till the city where I was born and grew up in is holding it’s inaugural Literary festival. I’m going, Freddie’s going… and so how about you? If you’re anywhere at all near… it would be great to see you in St Albans for the adults’ event (6pm Friday 7 Nov) or the children’s one (3pm Saturday 8 Nov). Find out more here or read the details below.

Finding of Freddie P_6165D0LitFestBanner-01Adults’ event (free admission) book here

Hope and Loss in Children’s Literature
Friday, 7 November, 2014 – 18:00 at Debenhams Ottaway Solicitors

In this hour long event, Liz will discuss the themes of Loss and Hope in Children’s Literature. She will include readings from The Finding of Freddie Perkins as well as exploring some classic children’s books that deal with some difficult themes. Through lively discussion and personal accounts Liz will talk about how books can help children deal with loss. This highly popular event promises to provide an interesting discussion that will appeal to teachers, care professionals and parents.

Children’s event (¬£2) book here

Come and explore: The Secret Art of Finding Stories
Saturday, 8 November, 2014 – 15:00 at Maltings Arts Theatre

In this interactive session Liz will introduce you to her novel The Finding of Freddie Perkins, which was published in 2013 and has been shortlisted for two awards. Using extracts from her book, Liz will guide children in the secret art of finding stories. Join her in a search for lost things, find some new stories and learn how to weave a little story-telling magic yourself. The event is 1 hour and all children must be accompanied by a fee paying adult.  Unaccompanied children will not be admitted.

And shhhhhhh! If you’re very lucky… and you go to a certain junior school on the Hatfield Road, you’ll also get the chance to hear the inside story – the story behind the story of Freddie’s story – on the Friday lunchtime…

Excited to announce…

… Liz’s involvement in the first ever St Albans Literary Festival


More details to follow when they’re published, but a delighted heads up that Liz will be contributing a Friday afternoon/evening event on Loss and Hope in Children’s books aimed at parents, teachers and bereavement services and a public event for children on the Saturday uncovering just how to master The Secret Art of Finding Stories.

It looks like she might even pop in and visit a primary school or two while she’s in town too…

Check out the brand new festival’s plans so far at

St Albans revisited

I was in my hometown visiting family and friends for 10 days or so earlier this month. So it was lovely timing to have the Herts Advertiser pop through my parents’ door with this article in while I was there…

Finding of Freddie P_6165D0

This morning I’ve popped a copy of The Finding of Freddie Perkins in the post to the inspirational teacher mentioned, care of my old school – I hope she likes it!

The St Albans chapter and more

The St Albans and Harpenden Review published an article about Freddie’s St Albans connection yesterday. In it, I’m quoted paying tribute to one of my A level English teachers in my hometown – Mrs Asher… I meant every word. What an amazing gift it is to receive encouragement and support from truly excellent teachers and mentors…

Liz Baddaley and The Finding of Freddie Perkins 2

It was a good day to be looking back to this, because in the evening I judged the stories submitted by 8 and 9 year olds closer to my current hometown to The Grove Bookshop’s story writing competition. I hope my words of encouragement to the winners and runners up will fuel them to keep writing too.

This morning I joked to a friend that a writer’s life is more grammar than glamour! But for me there is a huge privilege and fulfilment involved in everything I create – whether fiction or not. The joy comes in the inspiration – a connection with the beauty of an idea that then goes on to connect other people to the things that matter most.