Summer fruit

As school is over for almost everyone, the sun is out, and I am feeling somewhat holidayish… I thought I’d post a light-hearted blog or three over the coming days with some of my behind the scenes just for fun sort of writing.


Here’s the first. In it I’m sharing the not-entirely-serious-epic piece The Necatarine of Peace written for – and dedicated to – some (mentioned) friends after an eventful evening of babysitting at their house.*

In the Macnish house there was some sense of unease,
Four hearts secretly yearning “please oh please…
May the fifth in the pummet turn out to be mine.
That lonesome little nectarine looking so sublime!”
This once innocent roundling was causing some friction –
Would it have to be quartered to stop fruit-fuelled tension?

The feisty food swelled with pride and with swagger
To be so much desired – well it was no bragger… –
But what fruit could not be a tiny bit impressed
To look delicious enough to cause family distress?
It found that it wasn’t even slightly perturbed
At the effect of its presence – a small community disturbed!

But just as slicing or fighting loomed as perilous danger!
Into the house walked a well-timed stranger.
Helena the wise who was brave, bold and winsome
Cried “Let’s give her the fifth to show her she’s welcome!
Then the family won’t be forced into a fight
Or the fifth in the pummet be ruthlessly sliced!”

Suddenly in Macnishville everything shifted,
The sense of tension suddenly went up and lifted!
The not so sweet naughty nec causing unease
Was transformed instead to THE NECTARINE OF PEACE!
It was laid out in state – hailed with praise and with thanks
Until eventually into it the new friend’s teeth sank.

And now this juicy tale is immortalised in rhyme
For if you look carefully there’s a moral to find…
By welcoming in and sharing with outsiders
Families find perspective and get beautifully wider
And those coming in feel loved and so glad
To help with redeeming fruit that’s turned bad!

So next time you’re feeling quantitive unease,
Simply find someone to welcome and voila – there’s peace

*The evening was not literally as eventful as the poem suggests. There has been some creative liberty taken with exactitudes for the purpose of humour.