Finding Freddie in Ilkley

Freddie did indeed come to my house early, but that didn’t stop me going into Ilkley town centre to find him today – on his official launch day. Thank you to The Grove Bookshop, Ilkley for welcoming me so warmly, and for all their support for The Finding of Freddie Perkins. I left behind a few signed copies for the next few people who go looking for Freddie…






Freddie’s day has come

23 May has arrived and The Finding of Freddie Perkins is officially available. Some people were lucky enough to find Freddie sitting on a shelf in a shop near them early. Others found an overly prompt house guest. But for those of you who haven’t met him yet,  you can take a look at the first chapter here

Finding of Freddie P_6165D0

Welcome to the world Freddie. I hope everyone loves spending time with you as much as I do…

Thank you

With just one day to go until The Finding of Freddie Perkins is officially released, the thank yous are piling up alongside the excitement…

Liz Baddaley reads The Finding of Freddie PerkinsLiz Baddaley

Friends and family who read and checked the manuscript in all its different stages; Freddie’s editor Kate Paice at A&C Black for her vital support and skilled direction; more friends helping with publicity, celebrations, encouragement and more…

But today, I want to say a special thank you to Karen Ross Photography, Ilkley for the beautiful pictures she took for me on Ilkley Moor last week.


The Finding of Freddie Perkins is due to be released on 23 May… but it seems if you go looking for him earlier you might just get lucky.

Finding Freddie at Blackwells

Freddie was found nonchalantly sitting on a shelf in a bookshop today.

This is a special first sighting for me because the picture you see above was taken by a friend in Blackwells – where I used to buy my books when I was studying other people’s writing…


Excitement is building… it’s only a few days until The Finding of Freddie Perkins is released.

Finding of Freddie P_6165D0

One of the things I’ve loved about the whole process of writing this book and seeing it get published is the number of people who’ve been involved – encouraging me and helping me. And now – sharing in the anticipation of 23 May and Freddie’s arrival with us all.

I promised I’d share as much as I could on this blog and so I want to tell you a couple of my favourite stories from the last few days. 

They are personal stories because I am lucky enough to have friends who are as excited as I am about being able to find Freddie in our local bookshops…

The first is about a lovely little girl I know who lives  in York…  Her family have all known about the book since it was first submitted to A&C Black with high hopes. And her mum is a teacher who was on my team of manuscript editors. So Freddie has been long anticipated in their house.

They even helped me pass some of the anxious waiting time last year when I was holding out for a final decision from the publishers by inviting me over for the afternoon… we watched a dramatisation of J.K. Rowling’s life together.

It was surreal but lovely. And also strangely comforting because it reminded me just how remarkable it would be if the book was to get published.

Earlier this week she said to her mum,

‘I’m just bursting to have the book!’

How sweet I thought when I read her email… until I saw that her follow up was to say she wanted to be the only person to have a copy.

Her mum assured me that she had pointed out that wasn’t quite how publishing worked…

It feels slightly mean to not want a child’s dreams to come true, but in this case I do hope she isn’t the only girl to own the book!

On Tuesday night I had a call from another close friend. Several months ago she had asked whether she could read the book and I’d sent her the manuscript by email…

She kept deliberating whether to read it or not before it was a proper book. She is also a busy lady… in the end, she decided to wait.

Anyway, as the excitement in our little community built to fever pitch this week, she decided she couldn’t wait any longer.

So she gave in and read the book.

Half-way through our phone call, when she was telling me all about her reactions to the story, I happened to mention that another friend had received her copy early from Amazon.

‘Oh,’ she said ‘I had a package through from them today… hang on…’

Yes, you’ve guessed it.

Freddie had been sat quietly on the side all that time!


Publication date is very close. Freddie Perkins will soon be able to enter your home and sit on your shelf… hopefully it won’t be long before he finds his way into your heart as well.

the finding of freddie perkins

You can pre-order the book into your local bookshop now. Or alternatively, buy online from BlackwellsWaterstones or WH Smith.

Find out more about Liz Baddaley’s other writing here.


The advance copies have arrived. I’m holding in my hands a real, solid, paper book. The Finding of Freddie Perkins is in print – and on its way to shelves and readers everywhere.

On the 23rd May it won’t just be me holding a copy… but until then, you can find out more on Bloomsbury’s website. Or ask me any questions about my writing here.


I’m excited to be into 2013 because of everything that lies ahead – and particularly because of 23 May, when my first children’s novel The Finding of Freddie Perkins will be published by A&C Black (Bloomsbury)…

For now this site is all about the basics.

It lets you know a bit about The Finding of Freddie Perkins. And provides details of how you can contact me.

Soon it will update you about key events relating to the book as and when they come up… there might even be a sneak preview of what I’m working on next.

For now, I won’t be posting new content very often but as the story unfolds, this is where you’ll find it.