Freelance writing

Liz Baddaley has been writing professionally for nearly 15 years. She began as a staff writer, but has subsequently worked in a freelance capacity for a range of leading UK charities.

Clients have included The Children’s SocietyChristian Aid, Friends of the Earth, Embrace the Middle East, Scripture Union, All We Can and World Vision UK.

Liz has specialised in creative and educational resources for adults, youth and children and particularly in publications for churches. But she also has wide experience of creating press releases, fundraising and marketing literature.  She has also undertaken editorial, creative and communications consultancy work for some of her clients.

Liz is a co-founder of, and leading voluntary contributor to, the Sanctuary a charitable resourcing site which creates free resources to help churches connect with justice issues.

Commercially published freelance works for which Liz Baddaley was a lead author include:

A Good Childhood – Valuing Children in a Competitive Age – BRF for The Children’s Society (April 2014)
SUbstance (volumes 8 and 9) – Scripture Union

She has also been the lead author on a number of in-house publications including Embrace the Middle East’s Lent Study Guides for 2016 and 2017, All We Can’s eight session Iota Course on development issues, Scripture Union’s Schools Live website, and both Christian Aid Week and Christingle worship resources on multiple occasions.

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