Liz Baddaley 

Liz Baddaley lives a life surrounded by words, whether they’re for the fiction she has begun to write, or the leading UK charities she writes for. Liz was born in St Albans and read English at Christ Church, Oxford, but is now most likely to be found tapping away at her laptop with a pot of tea or exploring Ilkley’s famous moor – singing along to her ipod and desperately trying to keep up with Rabbit the dog.

Her first children’s novel, The Finding of Freddie Perkins, was published by A&C Black (Bloomsbury) on 23 May 2013. You can find out more about it here.

Liz is writing a number of new stories at the moment – most of them as presents for friends and family members in the first instance – indeed this is how The Finding of Freddie Perkins began (but that’s another story) – so it may be that another unsuspecting friend  finds they have to share their gift with a few more people than they’d expected to in the future.

More words in the making…

Liz also writes, edits and provides creative consultancy for a number of different UK charities. These include the Sanctuary (which she co-founded), Christian Aid (for whom she previously worked as a staff writer), The Children’s Society, World Vision, Friends of the Earth and Embrace the Middle East.

You can find out more about her non-fiction work here.

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