My second story window!

It’s been really exciting to be part of a second story window project with the Sanctuary in Ilkley… this one bringing to life my short all-age allegory The Secret Beauty of Sand. The story was inspired by the discovery of the amazing truth that when viewed from a magnified perspective, every grain of sand can be seen as it truly is

sand window final

Today I’ve been writing on glass for the first time! And, on the hottest day of the year, it was hard work! But the whole project, start to finish has been a labour of love.

The hand holding a gem that is the star attraction in the window was sculpted by my very talented friend Barbara Macnish – a particularly beautiful thing to have happened as the story is dedicated to her! And it helps bring to life one of the central characters in the story. Intrigued… have a read!

Lots of people walking and driving past are already stopping to look and read and it’s great to see their faces light up in response to the colour and poetry beaming out at them.

When can we do the next one?!

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