Some December stories…

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Finding of Freddie P_6165D0

When you publish a book you connect with many new people as it is picked up in shops, advertised on websites, curled up with on sofas and clutched tightly on public transport. And children and adults meet and get to know the characters you see as friends.

I frequently hear stories of new people meeting Freddie… just yesterday I was having a coffee with a friend who had lent her copy to her grandma, only to have her like it so much that it was a while in coming back – because it had been shared with all her friends first!

But my favourite one in a while is from two weeks ago. I was on the phone to one of my freelancing clients sorting out a vital BACS transfer of Christmas present buying funds following a commission I had delivered to them when my contact there asked how Freddie was getting on…

This is not the first time he has asked. He is polite, kind and genuinely interested in my fiction writing as well as the work I do for him.

But this time there was a different motivation.

The previous evening, he told me, he’d gone upstairs to kiss his son goodnight when he noticed my name sat on his bedside table! Apparently Freddie had come to their house because his wife knows someone who knows someone who knows a friend of mine. And, at every stage of this chain going the other way, each individual had enjoyed the story so much they’d passed it on to lots more people they knew until here it was…

It’s like being given a present every time I hear someone loves the book.

If you’re still looking for something to give someone this Christmas – Freddie and I would be delighted to help you by suggesting his story…

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