four happy stories for Freddie

A writer’s life is more grammar than glamour, but there are plenty of truly happy moments. In the last week, I have had four of these – as a result of four separate stories that have reached me about Freddie Perkins and the new friends he continues to find wherever he goes!

Liz Baddaley reads The Finding of Freddie Perkins

Wednesday – News from a friend who sent Freddie to Australia that his down-under host likes him so much she wants to pass him on to everyone she knows.

Thursday – A friend of a friend’s son dresses up as Freddie for World Book Day – I still don’t know exactly what he wore but this was lovely news!

Saturday – I get a text at breakfast from a friend forwarding on this one from her friend who is also a teacher, ‘I have just sat in the lovely spring sun and finished reading The Finding of Freddie Perkins – and I LOVED IT!!! Thank u – will be a big hit with my class – our next story to share’.

Yesterday – My pastor’s wife told me that one of her sons had been at a library event where you had to pick your favourite author. He later told her, ‘I wanted to pick the Freddie Perkins lady but I couldn’t quite remember her name and you had to be able to spell it!’

Yes – more grammar than glamour but such a privilege to be involved in all these stories of connection.

And another inspiration to finish editing the next novel!

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