Freddie’s first short-listing announced

All Freddie’s Christmases have come at once! Today he found out that his story has been shortlisted for The 2014 James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Award. It’s his first shortlisting so it’s particularly special…

the finding of freddie perkins

Hundreds of key stage 2 pupils in Hull will read his story and four others over the coming months ready to vote for their favourite on 11 June.

Obviousy Freddie and Liz both have high hopes for June…

But meanwhile, there’s a lot of excitement simply about the short-listing itself. And some reminiscing too because Liz remembers two Christmases ago – almost to the day – first receiving news that Freddie was being seriously considered for publication from Kate Paice, who was to become his editor.

To Kate, who helped Freddie become himself more fully, as well as to those involved with the shortlisting – thank you for another wonderful, early Christmas present!

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