finding more lovely reviews

Freddie was searching the internet yesterday and found some more lovely reviews. He and Liz particularly enjoyed this one, from Inis – The Children’s Book Ireland Magazine by Catherine Duffy. You can read it on their website, or below… but it comes with a warning from Freddie that there is a bit of spoiler in this if you haven’t read his story first! So if you haven’t… get started here

Finding of Freddie P_6165D0

“With such an unusual title, the reader is instantly intrigued to unravel the mystery surrounding Freddie Perkins. The expression “finding” prompts many questions. Is it Freddie Perkins who is lost? Has Freddie Perkins lost something valuable? Is it a tale of development and maturity? The author delicately appeases our curiosity by opening up Freddie’s world.

“Although a story of loss and despair, the tale never becomes too bleak or grim. Baddaley tackles one of life’s most devastating tragedies but does so without over sentimentality or moroseness. Through the eyes of Freddie Perkins, we are exposed to the devastating impact death and loneliness can have on a childhood. The author focuses on how death can not only result in the loss of a loved one, but in the loss of one’s own identity. When a person loses someone close, a part of that person can sometimes seem to die too. Young Freddie feels he has lost his creativity, his appetite for life and laughter. A mysterious creature, the Fynd, helps Freddie rediscover the joy of family and life, and especially for Freddie, the joy of art. While Freddie is trying to firure out the mysteries of the Fynd, he unwittingly discovers himself again. Freddie is reconciled with this grandmother and his dad.

“The subtle and delicate sketches in each chapter intensify the emotional impact of the story. The simplistic etchings echo the innocence of childhood. The author has accomplished a work which can be absorbed and studied on several levels: a tale of mystery, a fable, and, ultimately, a story which reminds us of the importance of love and compassion. Perhaps, most of all, this is a love story between a grandchild and his grandmother. Through this loving relationship, the reader is shown how love and hope can help heal even the deepest of wounds.”

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