The St Albans chapter and more

The St Albans and Harpenden Review published an article about Freddie’s St Albans connection yesterday. In it, I’m quoted paying tribute to one of my A level English teachers in my hometown – Mrs Asher… I meant every word. What an amazing gift it is to receive encouragement and support from truly excellent teachers and mentors…

Liz Baddaley and The Finding of Freddie Perkins 2

It was a good day to be looking back to this, because in the evening I judged the stories submitted by 8 and 9 year olds closer to my current hometown to The Grove Bookshop’s story writing competition. I hope my words of encouragement to the winners and runners up will fuel them to keep writing too.

This morning I joked to a friend that a writer’s life is more grammar than glamour! But for me there is a huge privilege and fulfilment involved in everything I create – whether fiction or not. The joy comes in the inspiration – a connection with the beauty of an idea that then goes on to connect other people to the things that matter most.

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