Freddie is finding friends everywhere

It’s been just over two weeks since The Finding of Freddie Perkins came out in paperback. And today he makes his appearance in digital form, as e-book versions go live. However and wherever he’s been read to date, he seems to be finding many friends… From Lauren Osborne buying her copy at The Grove Bookshop Ilkley (pictured below), to reviews from press, bookshops and readers, here are a few highlights:


Liz was quite surprised to see the review of The Finding of Freddie Perkins flagged up on the front page of the Ilkley Gazette last week. You can read the full write-up here.

It’s particularly rewarding to know that Freddie is finding friends where he was created. Mike Sansbury, from The Grove Bookshop, who reviewed the book for Ilkley’s local paper, concluded his review with these encouraging words:

‘Liz Baddaley has produced a warm, entertaining story and her future books will surely develop into something of which Ilkley can be proud.’

Further afield, Freddie has found a friend at Blackwells, Oxford, where children’s bookseller Gabby says:

‘Baddaley’s sensitive portrayal of a young boy still raw with the grief of losing a parent makes for a believable and powerful read, tying the reader emotionally to the story. Her writing perfectly depicts a situation which is highly personal yet universal at the same time.

‘However the book’s underlying theme is hope and believing in what appears unbelievable, allowing Freddie to come to the realisation that what he thinks is lost is in fact not gone entirely.

‘Its constant twisting and turning series of events come together to make an exciting and page-turning read which will keep the reader guessing until the last page.

‘Fans of novels such as ‘The Secret Garden’, ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ or ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ would very much enjoy this book and its use of magic realism to combine everyday life with elements of the fantastical.’

You can read more reviews at but we’ll leave you with Liz’s favourite.

It’s from a young friend of hers called Matthew Hodson (11) – who is himself a very promising writer – and who texted Liz from his mum’s phone, having read the book during his half-term holiday:

‘Dear Liz this is a message from Matthew about your book. My review was it was amazing I started it today and I was stuck into it so much I finished it today. Also my request is that you write more of Freddie Perkins because the book was great. It was also award winning, I thought, Matthew 😉 :D’

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